Optimising Pressalit Care's advice through new initiatives

In building projects it is important for architects, planners, engineers and other parties involved to have the best tools available when planning and designing bathrooms for the elderly and disabled.

That's why, until recently, Pressalit Care serviced the market with 2D and 3D AutoCad filters for our entire range. But even this area has seen rapid development in recent years and so with the launch of Pressalit CARE PLUS in 2012, Pressalit Care was able to present the new range of solutions as BIM objects for Revit, Autodesk's BIM software.

PLUS products enable bathrooms to be designed and planned in detail with a focus on e.g. work situations in hospitals and the correct mounting heights and positions for both products and installations. The objects also contain essential data such as product numbers, regulation intervals, colours, etc.

As BIM has gradually become an integrated part of work in the construction industry, Pressalit Carehas decided to put all PLUS products such as BIM objects on BIMObject.com. BIMObject is a site that presents BIM objects from many leading suppliers to the building industry all over the world, which is why we see the site as the perfect place to promote Pressalit Care's products.

By making Pressalit Care PLUS products available as BIM objects, we want to:
  • better service the market in terms of advice
  • give customers easy access to data and drawings of our products
  • increase exposure of our producrs
  • gain insight into the use of our products

All this is possible through BIMObject.com. See more about Pressalit Care's PLUS solutions on the site here: