Pressalit was born in 1954, but the idea of the company came about before that.

In a workshop in Esbjerg, two carpenters are shutting up shop for the day. But in its hurry to escape, a cat accidentally knocks over a pot of glue. The glue runs down the hot radiator and lands on the sawdust on the workshop floor. The result is a material with great potential. A potential that chemical engineer Nielsen confirms after having examined the material more closely. Two years later, Pressalit is born.

When it was founded in Ry, it was because this was the home town of one of the carpenters. He was known there and the local bank was happy to lend him money. The money was invested in a small, low factory building, located in a former fruit plantation, and in some modest production tools (including a baker's mixing machine for mixing the powder with). So it started small. Very small. But the company was christened - without false modesty - Dansk Pressalit Industri.

In order to sell the seats, the company contacted someone who knew the plumbing industry inside out: Martin Jensen (grandfather to Kim and Dan Boyter) was employed as a salesman in 1954 and quickly became the co-owner.

The rest of Pressalit's exciting history is in the box to the right, where you can also see pictures from the years gone by.
Comfort toilet seat

The first designer toilet seat is made

Rehab folding seat from the 1970's

Business starts to build

SaniScan accessories

Pressalit conquers DIY with SaniScan

Aerial shot of Maglehøj

New location and new quality requirements

Dan Boyter and Pressalit Group's recertfication with the S label

Value-based management with recognition

Pressalits CSR Award - People Prize Award

Pressalit in rapid development