Here we have listed those activities where Pressalit recognises its employees - over and above legal requirements.


At Pressalit our four values are an important cornerstone for company development. These values consider the whole person and their welfare. One of the values is: We listen - because at Pressalit we respect other people and their opinions." We take pride in the recognition of our efforts, and believe that we find strength in diversity.”

The value ”we listen” forms the basis for the wording of one of the five headings in our ethical code, the so-called Code of Conduct. Here we call it: "We want to reflect a global society and are therefore attentive to diversity in terms of ethnicity, educational background, gender, religion, sexuality, age and ability."

On the basis of this principle, Pressalit has formulated a so-called “spectrum of diversity”, a specific tool that ensures that all departments promote diversity in at least three focus areas.

Employees from different ethnic backgrounds

Pressalit places a great deal of emphasis on recruiting employees from ethnic backgrounds other than Danish because we are keen to reflect the global world we live in and also, as a company, we meet customers from all corners of the earth. We have not previously recorded the ethnicity of our employees but since conducting an informal count in 2010 we discovered that approximately 10% of our workforce came from an ethnic background other than Danish.


Pressalit has a number of employees working in flexi-jobs. Recently, we bid our external cleaning contractor farewell and have now employed a team of ‘flexi-workers’ to take over the cleaning at our three addresses in Ry and one in Aarhus.

It was a conscious decision from the company in order to give people with reduced ability the chance to maintain links with the job market whilst being part of a company that wants to embrace diversity.

Nowadays, both the cleaning and maintenance of our green areas and buildings is managed by a team comprising solely of employees in flexi-jobs. Other departments in Pressalit also have employees working in flexi-jobs.

We also have positions for people with disabilities. Some of our employees in flexi-jobs come under the category “people with disabilities” while other employees are employed on standard terms and conditions.