Global Compact

Pressalits work with Global Compact

At Pressalit, we care about acting responsibly and contributing to a sustainable development. Since 2002 we have therefore been part of the UN Global Compact initiative and each year we report on our actions to promote responsibility, sustainability etc. The report for 2018 is now finished and we have chosen to include the UN sustainable development goals in our description. The report is uploaded on the UN website and can also be seen on our website here.

Furthermore, Pressalits currently works together with UNICEF in an attempt to increase awareness of SDG #6. You can read more about this below.


Environment photo from Ry
Three sustainable goals selected by Pressalit for special focus

Pressalit has chosen three goals that concern areas close to our core business and within which we believe our knowledge and experience can make a positive footprint on a sustainable development Specifically, we have chosen Global Goal 4, 6, and 12 as focus areas for new, progressive projects and initiatives.