Dan Boyter exits Pressalit’s executive committee

After more than 25 years at the family company Pressalit A/S, Dan Boyter has chosen to withdraw from Pressalit’s day-to-day management, with Kim Boyter assuming sole responsibility. Dan Boyter will continue as owner and newly elected board member with special responsibilities in the company.

On 1 March 2015, Dan Boyter will exit Pressalit’s executive committee. The decision was reached after prolonged and careful consideration, and in close dialogue with the company’s management.

“I have grown up with Pressalit. Pressalit has always been a big and important part of me. This will remain true going forward. However, I have always been very oriented towards the world outside of Pressalit. Through my experience at the company, I have been involved in external positions of trust, including boards of cultural institutions, in social organisations and most recently at DR, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. I have reached a point where I had to make a decision about my future, says Dan Boyter. 

At Pressalit’s general meeting in April 2015, Dan Boyter will instead be elected to Pressalit A/S’ board of directors and subsequently have the title of Non-executive officer & board member. The role awaiting him will still offer a range of active tasks for Pressalit, including involvement in hiring at the management level. Dan Boyter will also serve as an ambassador for the company at visits, trade shows and other forms of representation, in addition to having responsibility for strategic partnerships, including Pressalit’s main sponsorship of the Danish Sports Organisation for the Disabled. The day-to-day management will be the responsibility of CEO Kim Boyter and the company’s management team.

Sound profit in 2014

Kim Boyter has supported Dan Boyter’s desire to make room for other activities.

 “We have always aimed to use our skills where they add the most value to the company. This is the reason for the clear division of tasks that we have had in the executive committee. In recent years, Pressalit has undergone developments where we have adapted to a new market situation. It was important for us to lead this process together. We have created a good platform for development in the coming years and now have a strong company that finished 2014 with a healthy profit. Now we look forward to benefiting from Dan’s involvement in the role of ambassador for the company and as an active owner,” says Kim Boyter.

Although he is saying goodbye to daily work at Pressalit, Dan Boyter is not nervous about what the future holds. He looks forward to fulfilling the new board role while also having the ability to enter into new projects:

“I am already engaged in a range of boards and other positions of trust, but with less involvement in Pressalit’s day-to-day operations, there will obviously be room for new challenges if the right opportunities arise. I am approaching the future with great openness and will consider how I can best use my resources going forward,” concludes Dan Boyter.

Further information

CEO Kim Boyter, mobile: +45 2168 3755

Non-executive officer & board member Dan Boyter, mobile: +45 4010 2412