The trend experts' vision of the bathroom in 2015

Pressalit Seats asked designer, concept developer and trend expert Birgit Tarp which trends would characterise bathroom design in 2015. Read her predictions for this year's trendy choice of colours and materials.

Birgit Tarp owns the design studio Design Circus, where she provides daily advice to both private individuals and companies on interior design, creative sparring and colour choice. She also predicts tomorrow's interior design trends and is a regular contributor to Danish interior design magazine Bo Bedre. Here she provides her predictions on which trends will characterise bathroom design in 2015.

What will be the overall trends in bathroom design in 2015?
Trends in the rest of the home tend to rub off in the bathroom. The light Nordic look is still very prominent in interior design, and this will continue to reflect in the way we decorate our bathrooms in 2015. We will see plenty of light, delicate colours, or the complete opposite where dark shades will take over. In recent years, many Danes have spent time refurbishing their bathrooms, and the design in the room naturally has to reflect this. The little details add to the whole.  

Which colours will we see most of in 2015?
There has been a tendency to want to surround ourselves with soft shapes and delicate welcoming colours in the bathroom. Today most people view the bathroom as a well-being room, which is also reflected in the colours that will be popular in 2015. Completely white walls can be hard on the eyes, and when both the toilet and basin are often white too, you should choose off-white tones - unless you are brave enough to try the more dramatic dark tones. Green will become aclear colour in the home in general. Green will enter the bathroom through green plants and gorgeous accessories in deep green tones - not necessarily as a wall colour.  

Which trends will continue from 2014, and which trends will be shelved in the modern bathroom?
Copper was really popular in 2014, but we can already see this being succeeded by brass. Towards the end of last year, the shinier surfaces tended to be popular in the bathroom. Marble will continue to be popular in 2015. This reflects our ongoing desire to bring nature into the home. Instead of the rustic look, this year the focus will fall on processed natural materials with gorgeous and unique details. We will also see mirrors used as sculptural elements in the modern and contemporary bathroom.

What is the best way of adding a designer toilet seat to the modern bathroom?
The look of a toilet seat naturally has to go with the rest of the room's design. In very large rooms, where you play with colours or use large mirrors, you should choose a toilet seat with a muted look. You then avoid the room appearing too busy, which leads to a messy look. On the other hand, a designer seat can easily become a main feature in a smaller room where there is little space for other elements. In dark bathrooms with dark units, the seat and accessories should follow the colour, and this also applies to rooms with lighter colours.

Mirrors, lighting, sanitary ware and furniture with soft, rounded shapes add a feeling of harmony.

Make the botanical and natural look blossom by selecting rustic and sustainable materials.

Add edge and elegance to your bathroom with a modern graphical look. You can express the sculptural style in everything from metal and varnished wood to marble and glass.