Growth of world-class design success

SWAY D is now followed by two additional variants to the SWAY series.

Uncompromising design
The characteristic combination of sharp elegance and tasteful shape remains the same, as does the award-winning designer. With his sophisticated sense of Nordic simplicity and aesthetics, Pressalit's in-house designer Lars Herold has created two new variants, the SWAY D2 and the SWAY Uni. The ideal match for the minimalist home.

High functionality and streamlined design
With a background in architecture and a Master degree in Industrial Design, Lars Herold has a clear sense of combining aesthetics with solid comfort, technical detail and stylish fit. These are the qualities he applied to his work when developing and shaping the SWAY series' SWAY D2 and SWAY Uni.

"I wanted to create a simple and expressive design in a Nordic mode of expression - a toilet seat that is both decorative and comfortable. It took multiple handmade draft models and computer-generated 3D models to get the sweeping line just right. The finished design is a meeting between masculine stringency and feminine curves,” designer Lars Herold explains.

In addition to its sophisticated design and innovative fit, the SWAY series naturally retains the classic touch of luxury through the integrated Soft Close and Lift Off system - functions that enable you to close the seat with a gentle nudge and that make the seat as well as pan easy to clean through the removable seat. The design is hard-wearing and ensures optimum comfort. In addition to this, the seat is colour ingrained to hide any scratches.

Stylish fit
With their gentle upwardly curving shapes, Herold's three carefully designed products also let any excess water run off. The seductive curves make the seat ultra comfortable to sit on, whether open or closed. The unique Scandinavian-inspired design fits a wide range of toilet bowls, making it the perfect match for a stylish bathroom interior.