The Industrial Designer, Anne Mette, elaborates on the features of the award-winning sink MATRIX MEDIUM.

Recently, Pressalit was awarded the Nightingale Silver Award for the new MATRIX MEDIUM sink at the 2017 Healthcare Design Expo and Conference in Orlando, Florida. The category of the award was Architectural Products – Clinical, and MATRIX MEDIUM was selected as the winner due to the excellent design.

In this short video, Anne Mette elaborates on the thoughts behind the design of MATRIX MEDIUM. Anne Mette is an Industrial Designer at Pressalit, and she was part of the Product Development team, who designed the MATRIX MEDIUM sink.

The main idea is “To make a sink that is suitable for everyone in the family. Both seated and standing users”, says Anne Mette. Thus, the sink has a flexible design, which suits a household of people with several different needs.

MATRIX MEDIUM is designed so people in a wheelchair can easily access the water, because there is room for a wheelchair. This is partly because the sink’s mounting brackets are located on the wall away from the floor. This ensures adequate space for wheel chair foot plates and it enables wheel chair users to come close enough to the sink to be self-sufficient Furthermore, the sink is height-adjustable and it comes both in an powered l and a manual version. The adjustability makes it adaptable for the individual user’s needs.  

Moreover, the MATRIX MEDIUM is designed with optimal infection control and easy cleaning in mind. Therefore, the sink has rounded corners, which prevent dirt from gathering.

In addition, the designers have considered infection control when creating the sink’s  wall-cover, which completely conceals plumbing. The concealed plumbing provides improved infection control, as well as it increases the accessibility for wheel chair users due to all the space underneath it.

Lastly, Anne Mette explains how Product Development attempted to create the product, so it was both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

View the video above to gain insights on the design of MATRIX MEDIUM.