The food preparation area in your disabled kitchen

The food preparation area is key to your development in the disabled kitchen.

You achieve greater flexibility in your disabled kitchen by placing the food preparation area between the washing-up area and the cooking zone so that the entire process is gathered in one place, and you become as independent as possible.

To become more independent in the kitchen we recommend that:

  • the main food preparation area is placed between the washing-up area and the cooking zone
  • the worktop is adjustable in height, so you have an opportunity to move in the kitchen, even if you are seated
  • there is an option to create longer uninterrupted surfaces in the worktop, so you can pull saucepans etc. across the top and avoid difficult lifting
  • utensils, kitchen appliances and the fridge are placed close by to avoid difficult lifting

The kitchen will give you plenty of opportunities to move freely and we can help you find a solution that meets your needs.

The preparation zone is key to your work in your disabled kitchen