Washing-up and cleaning

Washing-up area in disabled kitchens

The washing-up area in the disabled kitchen can be adapted to your kitchen. When you have special needs in terms of moving round your home, the washing-up area is one of those places that you can adapt as you like.

To become more independent in the kitchen, we recommend that:
  • the washing-up area is height-adjustable, so you get a good working height, whether you are standing or sitting
  • the washing-up area is next to the food preparation area to reduce the challenge of lifting food and cooking utensils
  • there is worktop space on both sides of the sink to put things aside
  • the sink is insulated on the bottom, to avoid burns on the legs if you are in a wheelchair
  • electrics and plumbing are covered to optimise safety
Regardless of your needs there are many solutions that can help you join in the cooking, and we'd love to help you.
Washing-up area in disabled kitchens