Accessible toilet layout

The layout of the disabled toilet can lead to a more independent daily life.

In disability bathrooms it can be hard to satisfy people with widely differing needs, while also taking into account the requirements of healthcare staff for flexibility and their working environment.

That's why it's important to be thorough and systematic with your planning. Maybe you're a senior person and simply need a little extra support and a seat in the shower, or perhaps you're a wheelchair user with changing needs throughout the day or over time. Perhaps the bathroom needs to be a workplace for one or more people who are going to assist you with daily activities.

Pressalit Care has many years' experience with these conditions. Use the three links on the right to get great advice on the layout of the three function areas by the wash basin, the toilet and in the shower area.

You can find detailed advice on positioning and measurements in our 'Design guide for bathrooms', available in our brochure archive.