DFG - the way to more help in your home

A Disabled Facilities Grant can help you adapt your home

If you or one of your family members is disabled, you can get a DFG from your council so that you can make changes to your home. If you are entitled to a DFG, it will not affect any other benefits that you receive.

You can apply for a grant, if you or someone else in your home:
  • is disabled
  • owns or rents the home that needs the changes
  • expects to live in the home for the duration of the grant period

A DFG can be used for e.g. changes to the bathroom, which can give you greater freedom and safety in your own home. Pressalit has many years' experience of working specifically with special needs in the bathroom. That's why Pressalit can design products for any need.

DFG - apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant to improve your home