The accessible bathroom for you

An accessible bathroom can suit your home, your needs and your style.

Your accessible bathroom should be a place where you can be yourself as much as possible and enjoy some 'you' time. The bathroom should meet your needs to make your life easier, while also matching your style and wishes. The accessible bathroom should therefore suit the rest of your home, and with multiple colour and design options, your bathroom refurbishment will be child's play. An accessible bathroom is a place where you should feel safe and at ease. That's why your needs should be the main focus. 

Exclusively designed and considered products for your accessible bathroom

The best furniture and aids for your bathroom must be able to be integrated into the surroundings, be functional, durable and beautifully designed, to fit your home. 

With modern and well-designed bathroom furniture, everything becomes easier in the bathroom, while also suiting your home and putting your needs in focus. They become comfortable to use, without the need to think any further about them. Easy on the body and easy on the eye.

Bathrooms in a wealth of colours

The personal bathroom should be bursting with the colours you want to feature in your home. Pressalit Care's products are available in a wide range of sophisticated and intense colours, which make it easy for you to create a colour composition that complements your bathroom and supports your needs for aesthetics and orientation points.

The colours can not only give your accessible bathroom a personal touch, but also help with orientation around the bathroom's functions. The use of contrasting colours is a particularly important and essential aid for elderly and the visually impaired. 

The accessible bathroom can be designed to suit your home, so if you need some inspiration on what such a bathroom could look like, you can always get some ideas from us.

Accessible bathrooms for the independent user
Accessible bathrooms with room for a helper