Accessible home solutions make life easier for handicapped and seniors

Innovative new mounting technologies improve accessibility in daily living

Even the most basic daily tasks - such as showering, toileting, and meal preparation - can be daunting to seniors and the handicapped. Often that’s because conventionally mounted equipment is out of their reach. For example, they may have trouble transferring from a wheelchair to a toilet. Or, kitchen countertops may simply be too high to allow them to prepare meals.

At Pressalit, we believe we can make life easier for seniors and disabled individuals. That’s because, from initial design stages right through final assembly, we strive to build optimum accessibility into all of our products. No matter what your physical constraints, we specialize in bringing you more flexible accessibility solutions, including innovative new ways to mount kitchen and bathroom equipment that make it easier for you to perform your daily tasks. We keep caregivers in mind as well, making it easier and safer for them to care for you.

How do we make things easier and safer for you? Pressalit products can be easily and quickly height adjusted or moved sideways to provide optimal conditions to perform your daily activities in the bathroom or kitchen. It’s that simple. We invite you to view our product offering - and just imagine how your life might be improved if your daily tasks were easier to perform!
Accessibility in your own home regardless of your functional capacity