Lifts for kitchen counter-top, free-standing

View Pressalit's assortment of freestanding lifting units for countertops. The lifting units enables the user to raise and lower the countertops. Operating the lifting unit is either manual or electronic. This gives the user a higher degree of independence, regardless of whether they are disabled or elderly with reduced functional capacity. The lifting units can, for example, be installed in kitchens, potentially making the disabled user more self-sufficient in the kitchen. The height-adjustable function is also an advantage in rooms used by many different users. This is because the countertop can be adjusted to different people's height and need, enabling several people to use the same kitchen regardless of their physical functionality. That is why the lifting units also make a great investment in group homes, nursing homes, institutions and similar, where there is a mixed group of users. The lifting units come in different lengths to suit e.g. the size of the kitchen.