- the Rolls Royce of Sinks

The new MATRIX MEDIUM is the ultimate sink for people with reduced body function. All the experience we have gathered throughout the years along with all the most important functions are integrated into the design of this sink. It meets all infection control requirements in hospitals and enhances the caregivers working environment while addressing the needs of the user in terms of safety and flexibility.

The MATRIX MEDIUM sink minimizes the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom due to integrated grab bars, which provide support when rising or sitting and makes the user feel more secure.

The integrated powered unit for height adjustment is easy to access and it is sanitary, due to the concealed surface. It makes the user more self-sufficient, and hence increases the confidence of the individual.

Easy access to the water, the ability to see yourself in the mirror plus plenty of room for storage on the surfaces enhance the individual’s well-being, while performing their daily routine. Together with a modern design, we make the bathroom less institutional looking.

Finally, the concealed plumbing that hides all the piping reduces the risk of transmission of diseases and germs in hospitals. The cover underneath is easy to wipe with a cloth and it has no hidden grooves.

Key functions

  • Fully integrated grab-bars, which do not gather dirt or bacteria like retrofitted grab bars.
  • Concealed plumbing makes the sink lifter sanitary and easy to clean.
  • Integrated electrical operating panel for easy operation.
  • Enough space for wheelchair footplates and requirements.
  • Height-adjustable by 7.8 inches. It runs smoothly and nearly silent.
  • Room for storage on the surfaces.