Toilet seat Dania without cover

With stabilizing buffers and universal hinge (B83).


Toilet seat, Dania, with 3" bolt.

Toilet seat Dania without cover Toilet seat Dania without cover Toilet seat Dania without cover

Technical specifications

Product group

Toilet seats

Description of product

Toilet seat, Dania, with stabilizing buffers, without cover, incl. universal hinge with 3" bolt.


Seat: Thermoset plastic (urea)
Strap: Stainless steel V2A



Maximum load

This product has been tested statically up to 825 lbs. As the European standard for technical aids for disabled, EN 12182:2012, requires a static test with safety factor 1.5, the nominal maximum load for this product is therefore 550 lbs.


An ergonomically designed toilet seat suitable for most people. Sideways transfer is easy because the seat is flat.

Weight (kg)


Cleaning instruction

Use a mild soap solution to clean the toilet seat. Please take care that the seat and hinges are not left damp. For disinfecting the seat, e.g. ethanol 85% can be used. Make sure that the product is wiped down with a soft rag wrung out in clear water and dried off with a soft, dry cloth immediately after disinfection.
Avoid contact of the seat and hinges with abrasive, corrosive or chlorine-based cleaners, as these may cause damage or lead to flash rust. Therefore, when cleaning the bowl, make sure that the seat and cover are kept in an upright position until all cleaning agent has been flushed away.

Product fits



Villeroy & Boch

  • Taiga
  • O.Novo Vita
  • Gracia
  • Arriba
  • Grangracia
  • Basic/City


  • Matrix


Pressalit makes a commitment to remedy material and manufacturing defects for a period of five years from the invoicing date.

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Product no.: R27000-B83999 EAN 5708590070599 NBS N13:300