Innovative bathroom aids can benefit elderly and handicapped individuals

Industry’s most comprehensive line of adjustable, track-mounted bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Pressalit Care brings you the industry’s most comprehensive line of adjustable, track-mounted bathroom fixtures and accessories -- including sinks, shower chairs, support arms, toilets, and related accessory equipment. Among the major benefits of these adjustable fixtures is that they enable new or existing bathrooms to more easily meet the requirements of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) often while using less space than required by conventional fixtures. You can easily and quickly move a sink for example, either horizontally or vertically, to meet the specific size, height, or disability requirements of your patient, or you can adjust for the constraints of the room itself. This equipment differs markedly from conventional fixed-mount equipment because it can be easily and quickly repositioned up, down, or sideways while on the wall to enhance user safety and convenience. For example, when conducting everyday tasks such as toileting or shaving, the sink can be moved up or down with pushbutton ease to accommodate both a person in a wheelchair as well as a standing individual. In other cases it might be advantageous to move a sink aside to permit an adequate turning radius for a wheelchair, or to accommodate the space requirements of two or more caregivers in addition to the patient. To view different room-layouts, please visit our SPACES aid.
Bathroom aids for elderly and disabled