Worktops and cupboards

Access to the kitchen's main functions

Indivo lifting units have been developed to create accessibility to the main functions in the kitchen:

washing, worktops and hob. The lifting units can also create access to storage space in the wall-cupboards.

Indivo products are compatible with equipment from most UK kitchen manufacturers, which gives you the opportunity to select the exact worktops and cupboards that suit your home.

When it comes to choosing worktops, the system has no specific requirements. However, you should remember that you are going to be touching this surface frequently so it makes sense to choose a material that does not feel cold. We recommend a rounded edge for comfort, and a splash-back, e.g. a coved edge to minimise splashing the walls behind the system.

The accessibility provided by the Indivo system can be further optimised with careful design. E.g.

  • fully extendable drawers
  • corner cupboards that are easy to pull out
  • white goods placed at a comfortable height, e.g. integrated in cupboards


In many cases it may be possible to re-use existing worktops and cupboards.
Height-adjustable wall cupboards

Height-adjustable wall cupboards

Worktop with splash-back and side wall

Worktop with splash-back and side wall