Ergonomics and safety

Ergonomics and safety in the home and in the workplace.

Height-adjustable changing tables are not just about comfort. They're about ergonomics and safety.


The stepless height adjustment ensures that it is always possible to adjust the table to the ergonomically correct height. Low baby changing tables also have the advantage of enabling even small children to climb up and down from the table easily, so that unnecessary heavy lifting is minimised.


To minimise the risk of getting fingers caught, the distance from the baby changing table's ends to the nearest wall or similar should be either less than 25 mm or more than 300 mm. In situations where there are two baby changing tables next to each other, these should be separated by a screen or similar, to avoid the risk of fingers getting caught. For easy access to running water, the changing table can come supplied with integrated handwash and mixer taps. You thus avoid leaving the child alone on the table.


The tops are easy to keep clean. They are made from moulded ABS plastic with a rear edge, which minimises wall soiling. With sanitary baby changing tables, the wash basin is integrated and has rounded edges, and is therefore also very easy to clean.
  • Ergonomics and safety by the baby changing table, whether high or low
  • Ergonomics and safety by the baby changing table, whether high or low