Branded goods made in Denmark

Better finish and greater durability

There are many different toilet seats on the sanitary ware market, and others can also make quality products, but we often notice that our Pressalit products have a significantly better finish. We only make toilet seats in urea using compression casting, which makes the toilet seats considerably firmer and heavier than the cheap spray-cast toilet seats. Urea is also a hardened plastic and therefore quite heavy, which adds a luxurious feel and a cleaning-friendly finish.

Our hinges are all well thought-out and effective, and are thus very flexible when it comes to adjusting to the toilet bowl. Our hinges also boast all the latest features, such as soft close, lift-off and quick release.

We also offer a 10 year guarantee on our toilet seats.

Environment and quality certification

Our quality control puts people and the environment first.

10 year warranty

We offer a 10 year guarantee on all our toilet seats. 

Polygiene's logo is found on Polygiene toilet seats

Toilet seats with Polygiene® stop bacterial growth and are therefore the perfect choice for frequently used toilets.