Bathroom colours is a great part of designs

The bathroom is a room where you have a freer hand and can experiment with colours.

The bathroom is often difficult to furnish because many of the elements are decided in advance such as the wash basin, cabinets, toilet etc. However, this should not stop you from being creative and playing with the room’s colour composition and details. You just have to set your mind to it.

Bathroom design with bold colours

Bold bathroom colours inject life and energy, and allow you to create a bathroom which is bursting with vibrancy and enthusiasm. Replace your toilet seat with a Scandinavia PLUS in one of the new fresh colours and create a coherent look by choosing towels and soap dispenser in matching shades.

Interior design with personality

If you are feeling even bolder and wish to add an extra dimension, another good idea is to wallpaper part of the bathroom to inject a dash of contrast.

If you have space, large green indoor plants will also add a homely touch. Or try framing cherished pictures or postcards in matching colours and hang them on the walls to create a collage effect.

There are lots of possibilities for using different bathroom colours in your design, and the new Scandinavia PLUS colours provide the perfect starting point.

bathroom colours