Good design is about combining aesthetics, comfort and functionality in one, which requires high quality.

A good design lasts forever, which is why materials must be of the strongest quality.
We have therefore equipped our toilet seats for everyday use with solid coloured and moulded thermoset plastic. This makes the surface extremely resistant to wear and tear, and the solid colouring ensures that any damage is invisible.

High quality is the first step

At Pressalit we know a toilet seat is an everyday product. That's why we work hard on both the visual design and functional aspects. It is essential for us that a toilet seat looks good, is comfy to sit on, is easy to clean - and is durable. Our aim is to provide you with a complete package, which you can enjoy every day for years to come.

10 year guarantee

If in doubt about how the guarantee covers your purchase, please contact us.

Polygiene's logo is found on Polygiene toilet seats

Avoid bacteria on the toilet seat with Pressalit's Polygiene toilet seats. They stop the growth of bacteria 24 hours a day.

Environment and quality certification

Our quality control puts people and the environment first.