Pressalit toilet seats

Simple and original. Pressalit's toilet seats are Danish design integrated in your home.

For 60 years we have been designing, developing, and producing Pressalit toilet seats for all types of toilets and bathrooms. And we are constantly researching, perfecting and setting new trends. It's what drives us.

Pressalit toilet seats - Danish design and high quality

A Pressalit toilet seat should be a pleasure that you enjoy every day, for many many years. That's why we focus on creating an excellent toilet seat design that combines aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

The design should elegantly suit the rest of your bathroom decor, and should of course fit snuggly on your toilet for optimum comfort. We have a wide range of toilet seats that fit many popular toilet models. So you can easily upgrade and "style" your toilet with a Pressalit toilet seat, which does wonders for your toilet.